J. Enrique Roman


J. Enrique Roman

Beyond the agitated, loud mental noise, there is your true nature:
calm, wisdom and common sense!

After 45 years of chasing happiness, I finally understood that all thoughts and feelings (including happiness) are temporary (all feelings are short lived). Thoughts and feelings occur, they appear and disappear on their own…and then, a new thought and feeling appears. End of the story.  -Understanding that simple fact about life, has improved the quality of my days, my relationships, and it has removed a ton of imaginary obstacles that are not there anymore.  – It will help you too!

There is nothing to cure, or fix, you are not damaged, or broken, you just happened to be human. Thoughts of insecurity cross my mind every hour, sometimes I see them for what they are “a blip of energy crossing the mind,” and go on with my day as needed.

Other times, I see the thoughts as actual physical obstacles that I must attend; or else my whole world is going to collapse… and I can get lost in a mental loop of worry, anxiety, and mental distress for days. -And then, for no apparent reason, the thought disappears just like it arrived, and is replaced by a new thought, and new feeling: joy, sadness, anger, or fear among many others. 

I am passionate about how people change, and about how each individual can easily return to mental health and well-being by this simple fact about mind, consciousness, and thought. 

 I promote a world of hope and courage by showing individuals that self-acceptance helps us feel complete and secure, therefore we feel OK. But when we keep checking how am I doing in life, and comparing ourselves to others, then… we cross the bridge to the land of anxious and insecure feelings, and we often forget to cross the bridge back home.

I support individuals to identify and use their talents to change their life, and build stronger communities by inviting them to see what we have in common with others; and pointing them to the fact that we are one big human family.

A native of Colombia (Spanish and English), I bring bilingual and multi-cultural awareness to support individuals back to their innate mental health by pointing them to the one solution: understanding the role of thinking and intellect. 

– LCSW Florida Chapter

– Masters Degree in Social Work. Rutgers University 2009

– 3 Principles Coach, Mentor,  Facilitator