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Daily Active Meditations

On a late afternoon on September 14, in the 1950s when she went into labor to deliver that boy, she didn’t know how this child would affect her life, their life. What is more; at that time, she didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl that was arriving that day.
All those thoughts: perceptions, expectations, emotions, and reactions came and went, and now; that experience is “one more memory” in the system. A boy was delivered, mom health bounced back, and the life force continues to animate them; to this day. The same life force continues to animate your body and your mental system, and it makes sure your immune system protects you from outside invaders: bacteria, viruses, and other toxins. We all find a way to bounce back, a way to return to center. Yes, we are resilient, we are designed for success, the immune system works; the evidence is we bounce back.

How do you bounce back?

Some people meditate, others go for a walk, or regularly go running. Others, relax swimming, dancing, reading, exercising, going to therapy sessions, and some of them also use tapping. Whatever works for you is the correct way to return to center. There are as many ways to bounce back as there are people in this world.
Now, if the challenge appears too big to handle by yourself, reach out and ask for help. You are never alone, and asking for help does not mean you are broken, damaged, or that you need fixing. It only means, that you human, you are alive, and life has ups and downs. Just like the weather, our mood, our mental and physical health keep changing. But, remember: It doesn’t matter how dark and stormy our thought process gets, it always returns to “clear and peaceful,” and then, it changes again. But you already know that, in life; everything is constantly changing.


What I have found out; is the all behaviors are a response to understanding, or misunderstanding how “our capacity to think” works in life.

Our capacity to think affects perceptions, expectations, feelings, and reactions-behaviors. In other words: Thought affects everything.
Thoughts and feelings are like the weather, or like waves in the ocean, they appear and disappear on their own, nobody controls them, we simply experience them. And then, they change; and we have another experience, end of the story.

What is the purpose of feelings?

Understanding the purpose of feelings can change our experience of life.
Feelings could be seen as road guardrails: they can deflect, or change a vehicle trajectory and return it to the main road. Road guardrails can bring a vehicle to a complete stop, or simply slow down the vehicle so the driver can regain control and proceed. When seeing from this point of view, feelings can make relationships safer, and reduce the severity of arguments and disagreements. When feelings are understood, joy, anger, sadness, fear, guilt, or shame can operate to deflect a person’s behaviors. A better understanding of feelings can bring a person back to calm and empathy, it can make you completely stop and listen, or it can help you to slow down, re-assess the situation, and proceed as needed despite the feeling.
All that is possible; if you understand that feelings are ONLY information about your state of mind, not information about your mate, your boss, your child, or life circumstances. When you hit a road guardrail; that is information about where you are, it is a forced stop to evaluate and change direction if needed. That; is not information about the traffic, the road, or the other drivers’ skills, it is information about your place on the road.
Bottom line: feelings are information about the mental movie I am watching at the moment, and information about how much I have accepted the storyline as true = information about my mood, or mental state.

Thoughts and feelings are two sides of the same coin, thoughts and feelings travel together.
Can you think of a couple of personal examples or other circumstances in your life where that is true?
Your feelings are ONLY information about your internal state, that is why as soon as you see things differently your feelings change, even if your mate, your boss, or your life circumstances have not changed.
One more time: feelings are the conditioned body’s responses to the ideas crossing your mind; at the moment. As soon as a new idea and a new feeling appear; everything changes.

– Do you remember how you felt when you thought your best friend was lying to you, and then, you found out you were wrong? New thought, new feeling, everything changed!

-Do you remember how you felt when thought you had lost your child in the big crowd, and then you found out he was right behind you? New thought, new feeling, everything changed!

Yes! That is exactly what I mean = Thoughts and feelings are two sides of the same coin!


Before you do the tapping, or active meditation spend 5 minutes focusing on these alleged facts of life. Then, do the exercise below.
– See if this makes sense…

There is a life force flowing through your system, animating your body, and your mind.
It animates the body, and it animates your mental system (your thought process). It animates the personality, the intellect, it regulates your perceptions, your expectations, and all your reactions. This life force circulates the blood (arteries: oxygenated blood from the heart to organs, and veins: deoxygenated blood from organs back to the heart). It regulates your body’s digestion, and it activates the elimination process. This life force animates your physical and mental systems, and the systems do everything for you. This life force; lives within you, and it gives you the wisdom to choose from the many options you find in your environment.

This energy constantly creates ideas that appear and disappear; to be replaced by the next idea, it all happens within seconds (65, 000 thoughts each day). All these tasks happen without our conscious, or active participation. That is the life force flowing through us, life animating nature-us, but then… when we talk, we take credit for making all those things happen.

Think about it, thoughts and feelings appear and disappear on their own, we simply experience them…and then, they get replaced by the next thought and feeling. This process happens by itself, even when we are sleeping; we dream and feel many different sensations, all without our conscious participation. All humans do the same thing, we all say “they are my creation! my ideas!”
All of us take credit for making things happen in life … and yet, most of the time we have no idea how things work. Do you know how to digest food? Nope, the system does it for you. Do you know how to grow hair, how to fall asleep, and when to wake up? Nope, the system does it for you. Do you know when to eat, drink, or when to shift your sitting position? Nope, the system does it for you.
Humm, I wonder what new idea (new thought), or feeling will show up next?
I have no idea what will I be thinking or feeling two minutes from now. Do you? Nope, nobody does! The system does it for you.

• Rate the veracity of the statement: 0 = NOT TRUE 10 = Absolute Truth
• Rate the intensity of the feeling: 0 = NOT NOTICEABLE 10 = OVERWHELMING


As you tap on your body, or as you gently squeeze the sides of your nondominant hand fingernails, conscientiously repeat the following statements:

1. This insecurity (self-doubt) ideas between my ears, and these feelings, impulses, and physical sensations in my body
2. This is another regular; temporary experience for someone in this environment, with this history and these memories. If I had a different history, different memories, and live in a different environment I would be having a different experience
3. When it occurs, it is overwhelming. I don’t really know what is happening to my system, and I don’t know what to do with all these feelings… but, then it passes!
4. All this emotional drama is intoxicating and temporary. It comes and goes, it appears and disappears on its own.
5. After that, the experience becomes one more memory in the system. It is safe to let it go

1. These ideas just pop up in my head, and the feelings, impulses, and physical sensations overwhelm my system for a while. It lasts; until another thought brings up a new feeling and everything changes.
2. I don’t invite-in these thoughts and feelings. I don’t really want them in my life. They just show up, and I get lost in this emotional rollercoaster
3. I don’t know how it began, but I know there was a time when I was free of these memories and feelings. It is time to let go
4. When it started; I didn’t know what to do! So, for many years I just acted out, and now those memories are in the system reinforcing the old habit
5. I was immature, I felt confused: afraid, and excited. I didn’t know what to do. But I survived that time, I know we are resilient, we always bounce back. It is wise to let go

1. The past is over, it can’t be changed. Now, that event is one more memory in the system. It is OK to let go
2. I survived childhood, I survived those years, I am here now, I’m safe, it is safe to let go
3. When I was a child, I thought like a child, I used to reason and behave like a child, but now that I have grown-up; these childish behaviors don’t serve me anymore. It is OK to let go
4. I am here now, I have everything I need to handle this moment. Childhood is over, it makes sense to let go of childish behaviors
5. Enough is enough, this old habit doesn’t serve me anymore. I am aware this is an old, automatic reaction to stress, I have new resources, it is time to let go. I’m letting go now

Take three deep breaths = long- slow exhale (10 counts)
Visualizing the numbers: Count Out loud from 98 to 7, skipping 7 = 98, 91, 84, 77, 70, 63, 56, 49, 42, 35, 28, 21, 14, 7,0 (*)
Deep breath, may you enjoy your day. Repeat two or three times each day; for five consecutive days, notice the difference. – Re-test:
• Rate the veracity of the statement: 0 = NOT TRUE 10 = Absolute Truth
• Rate the intensity of the feeling: 0 = NOT NOTICEABLE 10 = OVERWHELMING

At this time, this is how life appears to work: “thoughts” make up stories. Each thought comes with a feeling that supports and makes the story appear, and feel real. Bottom line, we experience life via thoughts and feelings.
THOUGHT is the intelligent, creative energy that animates our personality, our intellect, and it creates feelings.
Our life experiences are made of thoughts and feelings. All thought forms (all ideas) appear and disappear to be replaced by the next thought form (the next idea), the same as every second appears and disappears to be replaced by the next second.
Imagine that! For as long as we have known humans exist; this same process has been going on, over, and over!

Welcome to earth, may you learn new ways to enjoy your human experience.
Until next time,
J Enrique Roman