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Insecurity is the Mental Health Illness: Thought is the key!

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Everybody deals with worry, anxiety, insecurity, fear and doubt. Thinking about it for a couple of minutes may be helpful. But, thinking about it many hours during the day; without finding a resolution is what we called “human mental illness.” Understanding the psychological gift of Thought, and how it affects our states of mind; changes everything. The second it becomes visible to us that the issue troubling us is a temporary, personal opinion (a temporary idea) appearing as a permanent fact, in that same second, we know how to handle it. Do you want to learn how it works?


When we are caught in an emotion (glad, sad, mad, afraid, shame, or guilt) we are beyond our calm, secure, easy going selves. In such agitated state of mind, it can be difficult to hear others, and to be able to communicate clearly. We are always going to experience different emotions, and the emotions will impact our expectations of ourselves and others. Understanding the role of emotions, and the temporary nature of thought is key to healthy relationships. Taking a step back and returning to center; is a good idea before making important decisions that will impact those we love, and care for. Seeing the energy that feeds the narrative behind the emotions starts the healing process.


We are story tellers, our mind keeps bringing up significant, painful past experiences in order to protect us from repeating the same mistakes, and feeling such uncomfortable feelings again. While growing up, in groups we learned some negative messages: “I’m not wanted, I don’t belong, I’m not worthy, I’m not ready yet, the world is a dangerous place, I’m bad, I’m not good enough, I need constant approval and validation.” In facilitated groups, among peers who are ready to see beyond the stories, there is hope and healing beyond insecurity, and mental distress.