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Anxiety starts with innocently “worrying” about something.


Worry: to agonize, to dwell on, to be concern about something.  An idea which enters your mind and gets caught in a mental loop, and does not find a satisfactory resolution. Often the best solution is letting go of the issue for a while, but the mind keeps going over and over; trying to figure out what to do, the system gets overwhelmed, and anxiety kicks in.


Just like the “check engine light” in a car warns you there is an area in your car that needs your attention, the first anxiety symptoms are a signal that you are caught in a repetitive, vicious mental loop, and it is not wise to proceed that way.  It is an invitation to slow down, stop, and take a break.


Anxiety is not a thing that we cope with, try manage, or try to get rid of it. Anxiety is a cluster (bundle) of physical, and psychological (mental) sensations we experience when an idea keeps bouncing around between our ears without a satisfactory resolution. Anxiety is a signal to stop, slow down and take a deep breath, walk away from this situation because we are too involved and can’t see things clearly.