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Some Words About Thought

About Thoughts

Our capacity to think is invisible, and it affects how we perceive everything around us. Thought (this creative power) is the invisible influencer that has an unbelievable impact on our life experiences. Thought is just like the air, it has been around us since day one, it is invisible, it affects all we do, and very often we are not even aware of its presence. As a matter of fact, “thought” is so in our face, that we don’t even see it, never mind talk about it.

As children, we learned from our parents, our families, and our environments. We inherited many beliefs, and cultural norms, we were socialized to fit-in, and to support the fabric of our communities. We learned how to behave, and how not to behave in order to survive in our group, we learned the values of the group, and we learn this via storytelling.

We learned and experience all this via thoughts and feelings. Yes, your values and personality today are strongly supported by your beliefs, or by the invisible narratives that your mind keeps playing for you. That is the subconscious mind, doing its job in order to keep you safe within your environment. And, the energy behind all that; is “thought,” our capacity to think.

Consider Slowing Down

A thing to consider:  Those narratives appear and disappear in your mind, and in the minds of all other human beings, and those narratives are not personal. You were not born with those narratives, they were passed on to you, and you don’t have to keep them alive; especially if they don’t serve you anymore. Just like sucking your thumb; might have been useful as a child, but it does not serve you well now, there are many other beliefs, and unconscious behaviors that do not serve well today.

Every single person has their personal version of the same ideas:

-Do you sometimes think you are less than others?
– Do you worry about what others think of you?
– Do you sometimes think you are better than others, and deserve better treatment?
– Do you sometimes think you are bad, or undeserving?
– Do you sometimes wonder when will the world come to its senses and finally discover how amazing you are?
– Do you constantly look for approval, or validation?
– Do you fear criticism and rejection? Envy, jealousy, insecurity?

Yes, me too, and the rest of the world go through the same experience from time to time.  That is “thought” in action.

The challenge is that those stories-narratives are thought forms, and thought-forms are invisible, and they are constantly changing form (many thoughts every minute). Remember, for the purpose of this conversation we are saying that “Thought” (our capacity to think) is the formless, creative energy we use to:

1. create via our imagination (we also mentally travel to an imagined future)
2. compare or evaluate via our knowledge and intellect, and to
3. remember = mentally travel to the past

Bottom line: thought creates and repeats mental narratives, those narratives come with feelings that support the story of the moment, and make the story appear, and feel real. Those stories and feelings cause behaviors, and finally, we see the results.

Again, thought appears to create feelings, because thought and feelings are two sides of the same coin, end of the story!

Just like thoughts, feelings are temporary and are available to all humans – no exceptions- all the t time.  Examples: We all have experienced many feelings: glad, mad, sad, afraid, hurt, lonely, discouraged, bored, shame, guilt, worry, or anxiety. It happens to all human beings, it is not personal.

Understanding Thought

The freedom comes from being aware that all thoughts and feelings are natural, “temporary” events that come and go on their own. No need to try to change them, or to fear them.  It doesn’t matter how dark and agitated our mood gets, it always settles, and returns to peace of mind, common sense, and wisdom.

Understanding the nature of thought (formless, creative energy, constantly changing form), understanding that all feelings are temporary, and understanding how to navigate states of mind; opens the gates to more joy, and moments of personal satisfaction.

Can you see how often; despite agitation or chaos, your system has returned to the desired peace of mind, and mental health? Yes, relax, and let it pass, you are resilient, you are designed to bounce back. You are designed to handle whatever life brings to your place.

You already have everything you need to handle this moment, especially when you are calmed, and take the time to see thought in action, and inquire: Is this a fact of life? or is this another temporary made-up story that I am taking too seriously?

Until next time.

J. Enrique Roman


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