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Everybody experiences all emotions in unique ways

Other Side Of Calm

Stress is the other side of a calm, peaceful, confident state of mind, where we live knowing that we have everything we need to handle the task at hand.

Yes, beyond and before a stress-full state of mind, there is a calmed, confident state of mind where we experience life with ease, and curiosity.

Range Of Sensations

Stress: is a feeling, a physical or mental sensation. It is your body’s automatic response to any pressure (positive, or negative) from any perception, interpretation, or meaning you give to events, people, or things. In other words, stress is a feeling of emotional, physical, or mental tension in response to how you perceive life situations.

Triggers Of Stress

Stress means different things to each individual. Roller-coasters may cause negative stress in my system, and yet, it causes positive stress in the systems of thousands of people. Jogging causes stress, watching scary movies causes stress, watching a sad movie causes stress, having a baby causes stress, falling in love causes stress, losing a job causes stress, and we can interpret any situation… in any which way. It all depends on our state of mind.