I can't escape!

Unhappy? Of course, I can’t escape Myself!

The Monologue

A thought said “Have you ever met a Teflon individual? I mean, one of those people who no matter what you say, or suggest; nothing gets in, nothing sticks to them.” 

Then it continued: “Teflon people, either have a good excuse, or they are busy listening to themselves.”

Another thought said: “As a matter of fact, I’m one of those persons you mentioned. 

My best friend Bob was about to share his opinion about something I intended to do that morning, and I interrupted him 3 or 4 times. For whatever reason; I was not interested in hearing what he had to say”. 

Another thought said: “Hey, I’m watching you!! You say; it is a good to hold space for others to talk, and to listen to them.  But you don’t do what you say you are going to do!”

Wow! That was harsh!  Another blind spot. I woke up!  

In that moment I saw how I was using the amazing creative power of Thought. Two options: use it as a tool to prune old beliefs that don’t serve me today. Or, use it as a weapon that cuts and brakes whatever is in its way; without making any distinction. 

A thought said: “we can use the mind as a receiver to hear the wisdom from within us. Or we can become slaves to the intrusive messages that keep crossing our mind.”

A new Thought said: “Ok, I got that about the mind. But, at a basic level; what do we have in common with all human-beings?

The same intellect that asked the question, answered:

– Well, the body is born and the body dies

– Thinking and breathing we all do. And we all believe what we think, at least for a minute.

– We experience: joy, sadness, anger, fear, etc., etc. And, we call ourselves: human-beings.

– We are conscious; the body receptors (the five the senses) perceive the environment. The senses feed the information into the system, and we experience life at the moment; via Thought.

– As far as we know, each human being is composed of: body (form), and mind (formless).

Remember, this article asserts that: The Thoughts crossing our mind at any moment; determine the quality of our experience.

Sydney Banks and the Three Principles: Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Three basic truths about humans: without these gifts, there would be no experience.

Mind: the energy in all things; supports personal thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. And … consciousness of ourselves, and of nature completes the human experience.

All human-beings, among other living creatures experience life through Though. If there is no Thought, there is no experience. If there is no Consciousness, there is no experience.

Mind is the intelligent energy in all things, whether formed or formless. 

Do you want to know more about the 3Principles?  3PGC

Why is this important, now?

Because insecure thinking creates the illusion that being damaged, not OK, or broken is our nature. Insecure thinking creates the illusory prison, and then suggests ways to escape from that prison. But it doesn’t matter how hard we try to escape; we are always “here” listening to the repetitive mental noise between our ears. Focusing our attention on those lies, and believing them; is the trap.

That is the familiar comfort zone, the altar where we sacrifice our dreams, and the life we want.

Why do I sacrifice my dreams? Because I want to avoid experiencing uncomfortable feelings. Feelings that I have been rejecting since childhood. Feelings that I believe are bad or negative, because I misunderstand what feeling are for.

 Feelings are information about my state of mind.  Feelings measure my emotional temperature: cold, cold, hot, hot, or OK.  

Back to the noise that distracts us, it has been distracting us since early childhood. Thus, we forgot that our true nature is peaceful confidence. We forgot that our spiritual safety, worth and well-being are not dependent on what we think. Or, on how we feel at any given moment.

 As humans, our worth, value, and resilience are natural, we are born with it. Thus, we don’t have to work for it, because that is our base line. 

What if … we remember who we are; nature experiencing life in human form.

A body, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and consciousness.

Life is always unfolding in front of us, and now that we are here in this planet, we are also always unfolding, changing every moment. Until the day we are not here anymore.

There is no fixed or permanent me.  That is life!

This points to the idea that we are nature in human form, resilient and designed curious. Born ready to learn, to fail from time to time; to learn from the failure, and try again. But, in the process, we have forgotten who, or what we are: a breath of life with endless possibilities.

What if; we remember we are OK, as we are?

What if; success is a constant learning, and never giving up?

The insecure thinking lies!

“I’m not enough, I’m not lovable, I need constant external approval. I’m bad; nobody wants to know the real me, I have to hide; the world is a dangerous place.”

What if; when our habitual message appears; we look at it, acknowledge it as the mind’s standard daily menu, but don’t take seriously this time?

I know that OLD lie has been visiting me for years, and I know; in an hour or so, it is going to show-up again. Do I have to take it seriously; again?  I used to take it seriously all the time!

 Now, I have a different relationship with the message. Something like this, but not exactly this:  

“Good to see you partner: I have many others things I want to do today; I don’t have time to entertain that idea now. See you later!”

Remember …

Thoughts appear; I have no choice there. Since I’m aware of the changing nature of Thought; I know there is a gap between the Thought and the response. Thus, I can decide where my attention goes.

Remember Viktor Frank statement: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response there lies growth and our freedom.” – Viktor E. Frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning. 1959. BEACON PRESS BOSTON

Why this approach? Because, it doesn’t matter what anyone of us does, we can’t escape feeling insecure from time to time. Nor can we escape the mind offering solutions to the problems … the same insecure mind created. It is all a distraction; because we don’t need protection from the insecure mental states.

All we need to understand is: moods, and all feelings-including insecurity- are mental states, and those are temporary, constantly changing, and part of being alive.

Like, when it rains it rains, and we go on with our life. Or when we notice a new wrinkle on our face, we notice it, and go on with our life. End of the story, nothing to do.

Bottom line: A Thought appears, and within seconds a new Thought will replace it, or we can keep it alive; by giving it our attention.  That Thought that we focus our attention on, is the only thing; that distracts us from seeing, and feeling our true nature. Want to read more about this?

Mavis Karn wrote: “It is that Simple.” a user’s manual for humans.

 Imagine a world, where it is normal to gaze at the distraction, be aware of it, and return our attention to what is important to us at the moment. Imagine a state of mind; where we can decide where our attention goes.

Something like when we are driving a car: focused on the task at hand, temporarily distracted, aware that we are off, adjust the wheel, and back to focused on what is import at the moment.  Same thing with daily life, we realized we are feeling insecure, remember it is a temporary thing, and go on with life. Unless, the image of self-importance insists that certain feelings are not acceptable.

Consider these lines from Taoist philosopher and author Wei Wu Wei (1895 – 1986): “Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9 percent of everything you think, and everything you do, is for yourself – and there isn’t one.”  Thought creates the illusion that we have a fix self that needs protection. Then, Thought says that it is our job to protect the illusion from any possible threat, or harm.

Sydney Banks called the ego; an image of self-importance. I experience the ego as a story that I (innocently) keep alive; as I keep writing entries on the fictional story of ME!

Exercise: ponder about these ideas:

-Is there someone creating the mental images that frighten you?

-Is there someone creating the mental stories that that seem to prevent you; from living the life you want?

What if … regardless of what Thought shows up between our ears; there is always a gap where we can choose where our attention goes?

If that is the case, what would you like to make your life about?  

J Enrique Roman

Promoting mental health, self-acceptance and satisfying relationships by sharing how the creative power of Thought impacts everything!

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