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Discover a life beyond fear and doubt: Learn how Mind, Consciousness, and Thought impact all relationships!

I have conversations with people to help them see beyond insecurity, fear and doubt, and move toward a world of endless possibilities.
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Is Change Possible?
As Long As You Are Alive, You Will Always Experience Temporary Moments Of Insecurity, And Will Always Return To Peaceful Confidence.

Change is unavoidable

You Can Bounce Back From Difficulty


Anxiety starts with worrying about something and can lead to a cluster (bundle) of physical, and psychological (mental) sensations when an idea keeps bouncing around between our ears without a satisfactory resolution. Excessive and inappropriate worrying that is persistent can be destructive, and similar to a vehicles’s check engine light, it is a signal to stop and look in another direction.


Stress is your body’s automatic response to any pressure that comes about from life situations. It is a feeling, that is expressed in emotional, physical, or mental tension. Negative expressions of stress such as headaches, irritability, discouragement are unsettling and can be overwhelming. Stress is part of life and we are, in fact, designed to handle stress. 


Depression affects individuals in different ways, some people may experience severe symptoms that are easy to identify and visibly impact day to day activities, others may simply feel unhappy, restless, or experience a constant low mood without knowing they are depressed. You don’t have to face this alone. You are not broken, or damaged. 

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J. Enrique Roman

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I am creating a world of hope and courage by listening to understand; daring to speak my truth, and by holding space for others to do the same.

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